Release from prison camps and the end of the war did not undo the damage caused by The Final Solution.

This exhibit will feature the plight of liberated Jewish survivors of the Nazi camps who had nowhere to go and no way to reconnect with loved ones after being released. We will tell the stories of Jewish survivors, particularly children, who had to deal with the lingering impact of antisemitism and the destruction of their communities and former lives. We will also feature stories of their liberators, the military personnel who were forever changed by what they saw and experienced as they encountered the horrors of the camps.

This exhibit will feature a photo collage of liberators on a four panel display, plus plantings, a bench, and key educational information with QR code link to additional material on website.

Exhibit 7 – $250,000
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“And He said to me, ‘Son of man, can these bones live?’ ” Ezekiel 37:3a