Upstander Stone Project

Approximately 1.5 million Jewish children perished in the Holocaust. Our Upstander Stone Project memorializes their names and gives people today a tangible way to remember them. This project seeks to paint a memorial stone for each of the 1.5 million children who were murdered during the Holocaust.

These stones are being painted by individuals, families and volunteers from corporations, schools, clubs, nursing homes, and other groups throughout Texas and beyond for the Holocaust Garden of Hope. Stones are a traditional way for Jews to honor and acknowledge the true eternity of a person’s existence. They are a common item left at Jewish memorials worldwide.

Contact us to request one or more kits of 20 stones, with paint, markers and names of 20 children who perished in the Holocaust who will be memorialized in this unique way. Visitors to the Holocaust Garden of Hope can view the stones and begin to understand the astoundingly great number of innocent lives lost.

According to Habakkuk 2:11 (CJB), “the very stones will cry out.”


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Sensitize 20 students in a class… or a school… or a district!

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“When my older children were painting the stones, they started asking more questions about the Holocaust. Overhearing the discussion, my youngest child asked aloud, “Mom, how could this happen?” ~ A Mom of Three

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“As an elementary school educator, I have involved my students in painting memorial stones (commemorating children who perished in the Holocaust) for the Upstander Stone Project sponsored by the Holocaust Garden of Hope. The project has generated the children’s interest and sparked curiosity about the lives of those children who didn’t survive the Holocaust.” – Teacher in Humble ISD

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“So thank you for being a part!!!

I was so deeply touched painting in honoring the children.
Blessings from Vienna.”
-Uta Lang, who took an Upstander Stone Kit home with her from the March of Life Conference in Germany

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Your Upstander Stones will be in the Holocaust Garden of Hope and right here in the growing online collection

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Receive a beautiful set of gift cards featuring stones that have been painted for the Upstander Stones Project with your gift of $100 or more!