At the Holocaust Garden of Hope at King’s Harbor in Kingwood, Texas, we will use painting, sculpture, music, physical structures, and creative educational tools to illustrate the experiences of children during the Holocaust at Jasenovac Concentration Camp and other Nazi ghettos and concentration camps around Europe. Children and adults will be inspired to stand up for what is right and honor the memories of innocent victims with a life dedicated to healing and reconciliation.


You can support HRA18’s vision for the Holocaust Garden of Hope by partnering with us financially to complete this project. All donations are tax-deductible and will help us ensure that the innocent lives of Jewish children lost in the Holocaust are never forgotten. Please join us in honoring their memories and inspiring a new generation to be Upstanders against bigotry and persecution.


This one-of-a-kind children’s memorial garden will feature eight pocket exhibits, each focusing on a specific aspect of the Holocaust. This beautiful series of art exhibits and plantings will be enhanced with personal stories told by people who experienced the Holocaust as children or young adults. The garden connects these unique stories to Hebrew Scriptures from the Tanakh, which is the foundation of the Bible.

More specific curricular materials for various grade levels will be made available on the website for classroom or personal education.

Garden of Hope

Garden of Hope
Why Remember the Holocaust? Life before the Holocaust – Business & Everyday Pleasures The Web of Deception — Politics & Propaganda The Atrocities – Perpetrators, Bystanders, Victims The Appetite for Genocide Expands Rescuers & Upstanders The Impact of Liberation – Survivors & Veterans Hope for the Future

Rescuers & Upstanders

The Impact of Liberation – Survivors & Veterans

Explore the exhibits virtually by clicking on sections of the Holocaust Garden of Hope map or by exploring each exhibit below!