Giovanni Rosselli, Christine Ege, Rozalie Jerome, Bob Horowitz, Dr.Hildegard Glass, Dr. Mark Goldberg are ready to promote this wonderful scholarship for University of Houston students!

Leizer & Rose Horowitz Scholarship Program

A total of ten scholarships are now administered by five local universities and colleges in Houston.

Scholarships for 2022 are available at Houston Baptist University, the University of St. Thomas, University of Houston, Houston Community College, and Lone Star College. HRA18 is pleased to collaborate with Houston-based educational institutions to afford students an opportunity to experience the March of Remembrance, a unique primary-source learning opportunity!


To compete for the scholarship, you must register below and solicit at least five additional friends or family members to sign up as your team members by filling out the same registration.

Upon submission of the registration form, the applicant will receive a confirmation email, including contact information for the designated scholarship representative at the designated educational institution.

You and your team will then attend the live March of Remembrance Houston event on Sunday, May 1, 2022.

After the event, the applicant must submit a response paper (2-4 pages, or 500-1000 words) to the scholarship representative addressing the following questions:

  1. What aspect of the March of Remembrance impacted you the most?
  2. How will your response to the March affect your actions in the future?

Submission deadlines and awards are determined by the scholarship decision committee in each educational institution.  Awards will be based on the quality of the response paper and the number of team members.

Participating Universities