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“One person gives freely, yet gains even more; another withholds unduly, but comes to poverty.” – Proverbs 11:24

The Holocaust March of Remembrance Texas is successful because of volunteers that come together and make it possible. The march is held on multiple days all across the world and we need your help. There are roles for leadership, prayer, registration and more. Please contact Joan for volunteer jobs: admin@hra18.org Volunteer Descriptions are below,



Volunteer job descriptions

MOR 2019 Bryan College Station (BCS) 

Updated 3/22/19 


Before the Day of the Event

Fundraising Volunteer:

Chairperson: Rozalie Jerome

5 volunteers-

solicit or provide donations in kind for the event

Promotions Volunteer:

Chairperson: Rozalie Jerome

4 volunteers

(1) create 5-10 graphic art designs for FB, Instagram, & Twitter

(1) update to MOR Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

(1) post flyers around campus/coffee shops

(1) post event in local calendars

Materials Volunteer

Chairperson: Joan Smith

9 volunteers 

(3)- (In Kingwood) assemble t-shirts in by sizes, print name tags and lanyards 

(3)- (in Kingwood) load and gather materials (signs, flags, tables, stones, etc) to be taken 

(3)- (in Kingwood) get “backpacks” ready with water and granola bars 


The Day of the Event- April 7th, 2019

Time of Events  

11:30-12:30“VIP” Reception  

1:30-2:00 Living History Presentation 

2:00-3:15- Program 

3:15- 4:00- March 


Flags Volunteer:

Chairperson: Larry Campbell

8/8 volunteers 1:30-4:30 

distribute large banners, flags, & signs as head out of Reed Arena & collect as memorial march concludes 


Hospitality Volunteer:


0/10 volunteers  

1:30-3:45*      (10) volunteers stage bottled water & granola bars and whatever other goodies we have prior to end of march and then distribute to marchers as they return from the walk * actual duty is 3:15 -5:00 until all have passed by ….This job is good for those who can’t or chose not to walk . They will be able to sit at the table to distribute at end of the event


Greeter Team

Chairperson: Suzanne Martinez 

2/14 volunteers – 2 shifts 

11:00-1:15         (2/4)welcome people and ensure they can locate registration tables 

1:00 -3:30          (0/10)welcome people and ensure they can locate registration tables & distribute programs at entrances 


Materials Committee

Chairperson- NEEDED 

 0/4 volunteers – 2 shifts 

8:30-11:00         (2) assist Materials chairperson in unloading(signs, stones, t-shirts, etc.) in BCS 

4:00-5:30           (2) assist Materials chairperson in loading(signs, stones, t-shirts, etc.) in BCS 


Memorial Walk Committee: 

Chairperson- NEEDED 

0/12 volunteers 1:30-4:00 (shift ends when last person marching passes)

(0/4) assist the crowd leaving the door of Reed Arena to where the Corps guides them along the route 

(0/8) stationed along the route between prayer points to make sure that people know the route  


Registration Committee:12/24 volunteers from the churches-  

Chairperson: Britt Vincent 

(12/24) volunteers needed to handle the check-in of all volunteers and participants in the areas of registered, non-registered, scholarship groups, etc.  Passing out of t-shirts and lanyards falls to this group. 


Security/Traffic Committee (cooperation w/ campus security)/Insurance Chair:   

Chairperson:Bryan Dunaway

# and need to be determined– meeting Wednesday 3/27 10:15 will get this all set 


Set-Up and Tear-Down Team Committee

Chairperson:Samuel Ramos

10/20 volunteers– 2 shifts 

includes posting and taking down signs; also includes trash pick-up and ensuring all materials are delivered to materials team for loading after the event 

8:30-11:30            (5/10) set-up 

4:00-6:00            (5/10) tear-down 


Usher Team

Chairperson: NEEDED

10 volunteers   1:30-3:30 

# and need to be determined– Chancellors office still determining the number of Maroon Coats we will have for this event (meeting Thursday 3/28 1:30.  We also have 20 Galveston Corp members possible TAMU Corp volunteers.   It will be important that ushers wear something that reflects they are ushers. 

Put signs prior to service on reserved seating areas in theater; escort program participants to seats in reserved sections; ensure general public does not sit in reserved seating 


Stone Ceremony Committee

Chairperson: NEEDED

0/8 volunteers 1:30-4:30* (actual handing out duties will be 3:15-4:15) 

(0/4) to distribute stones to all participants as they leave the theater 

(0/4) to collect the stones from marchers at the end of the route 


Name Reading Committee

Chairperson: Reesa

16/16 volunteers (two at each prayer station) 1:30-4:30 

Read aloud the names of people affected by the Holocaust. 


Prayer Point Volunteer: 

Chairperson: Janice Sturkie?

0/10 volunteers 3:15-4:15*(or until final walker passes the prayer point) 

Representatives from the churches represented in support of the names being read at 5 Prayer Points along the route 


VIP Transportation Committee

Chairperson: Rozalie ?

4 volunteers 11:00-4:00 (needs and shifts still being determined) 

Escort for VIP or program participant; help with transport from VIP parking to and from the event 


VIP Hospitality Committee: 

Chairperson: Debbi Maglicco

10/10 volunteers 3 shifts 

10:00-4:00            (2/2) Help with VIP Reception 

10:00-12:30            (5/5) to assist with set-up, VIP check-in, serving at VIP refreshment  

time TBD            (3/3) tear-down, clean-up at VIP reception area 

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Volunteers of the Year

Volunteer of the Year 2012
2012: Gwen Vastine

Volunteer of the Year 2013

2013: Jeff Craig

Volunteer of the Year 2014
2014: Christine Ege

2015: Carmen Mauldin

2016: Susana Cueva

2017: Bill Mealy

2018: Steve Ege

2019: Gaylynne Naes