Give now to fight antisemitism and inspire a new generation of upstanders.

Memories of the Holocaust are fading from public awareness, and a fresh wave of Holocaust denial is targeting young minds and exploiting their lack of knowledge. We must act now to ensure that the stories and firsthand testimonies of survivors are preserved and passed on to the next generation.

 In Hebrew, the word CHAI means life. In Judaism, it is common to give gifts or donations in multiples of $18  as a way of symbolically giving “life” to a person or project. The act of giving $18 is commonly referred to as GIVING CHAI. This terminology extends to multiples of 18. For example, $36 is commonly referred to as “DOUBLE CHAI”.

Your contribution or membership gift of $18 or more will give life to the ongoing work of the Holocaust Remembrance Association.


Receive a beautiful set of Gift Cards featuring painted Upstander Stones with your gift of $90 or more to the Holocaust Remembrance Association.

 We envision a hopeful future where antisemitism and other forms of bigotry and persecution are defeated by courageous “upstanders” – the ideological descendants of the brave men and women who stood up to save Jewish lives during the Holocaust. With your help, we can educate and inspire a new generation to do what is necessary to oppose evil.

 Help us promote healing and reconciliation between the Jewish people and the descendants of those who historically either stood silently by or participated in persecution.

 Your generous support will make a tangible impact on the security of the Jewish people as we cultivate allies in the fight against antisemitism.

More ways to give

Planned Giving

Planned Giving allocates its funding to specifically support three main projects. Members commit to provide monthly donor support to ensure these projects have a steady foundation for growth.