Forgiving Dr. Mengele Review

The film for this week is a touching and thought provoking documentary on forgiveness, even when it seems impossible to forgive.  Forgiving Dr. Mengele fallows Eva Kor, one of the twins…

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The Holocaust and the Young

Tuesday’s are typically going to show present examples of anti-Semitism taken from current news stories, and so forth, for the weeks leading up to the Houston marches.  Today, however, I decided to start this series of blogs by showing a video clip that is not the definition of anti-Semitic. This video does not show hatred, discrimination or prejudice against the Jewish people in any way, shape or form.  Instead this is one clip, of many such videos, that shows the ignorance of people, specifically students, concerning the topics of the World War II and the Holocaust. (more…)

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The Grey Zone Review

For this weeks movie review I've decided to highlight The Grey Zone.  This film is a rather raw cinematic depiction of the real life events surrounding the only armed revolt to…

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Hiding and Seeking Film Review

I have decided that, as the March of Remembrance draws near, I would talk about some films I have seen that discuss the Holocaust and its after effects.  I will…

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