I have decided that, as the March of Remembrance draws near, I would talk about some films I have seen that discuss the Holocaust and its after effects.  I will post one review a week for the next five weeks leading up to the March of Remembrance here in Houston.  To start us off, I thought I would talk about a documentary Hiding and Seeking.  Now I know a lot of people hear the word documentary and automatically think it will be boring and dry, but that is not always the case. Admittedly this film moves at a slower pace than most people are generally accustomed to, but the message behind it and the struggle that this family goes through along the way more than make up the the slower pace.  Hiding and Seeking follows a father, who grew up in pre-WWII Poland along with his family, as he brings his two ultra-orthodox sons on a journey back to Poland to try and find the Christian farmers who hid him and his family from the Nazis.  It is a truly beautiful and thought provoking film that shows the moral struggle between the father, who sees the benefits cultures outside the jewish faith can bring to each other, and his sons, who believe that they need to completely separate themselves from the outside world in order to protect themselves from outside hatred.  I would highly recommend this documentary to anyone who is interested in seeing what effects the Holocaust had on later generations.