The film for this week is a touching and thought provoking documentary on forgiveness, even when it seems impossible to forgive.  Forgiving Dr. Mengele fallows Eva Kor, one of the twins experimented on by Dr. Mengele in Auschwitz along with her sister, as she explains her journey towards forgiving Mengele for what he did and her reasoning behind that decision.  She wanted people, especially fellow victims of Mengele, to understand that while she forgave him she in no way forgot what he did.  That she remembered is evident with her creation of the Candles Holocaust Museum in Terre Haute, IN.  This documentary and her decisions have raised a lot of debate among Holocaust survivors, they wanted to know how she could forgive him and still claim to remember.  They also felt that she was dishonoring her sisters memory to some degree, because she had been effected her whole life by his experiments before passing away, by forgiving him and they also didn’t want to feel pressured into forgiving him themselves when most felt that was impossible.  This film really causes the viewer to ask themselves, if they went through the same thing, would they be able to forgive? It’s hard to say really, While watching this I could understand both sides.  As a Christian, I want to be able to say I would, but I have never gone through the torture that Holocaust survivors, more specifically the Mengele twins, have so I can’t really say for sure if I could bring myself to do it.  I do believe though that keeping anger and hatred for a person inside can, potentially, destroy all joy in a persons life.  No matter how those questions might be answered for each individual, this film is definitely one worth watching in order to see, and understand, both sides of the spectrum.