Faith Lift in Baytown

I was so blessed to hear people calling out their home church’s name. I heard people call out the names of at least 4 Baptist, 3 Catholic, I Episcopalian, 1 Jewish, I Lutheran, 3 Methodist, 1 Presbyterian and 1 Church on the Rock. After the Steinfeld’s testimonies I was slated to give a Christian Response. It’s not often that this preacher is at a loss for words.

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The Spiritual Dynamics of Anti-Semitism

Most people, and far too many Christians, believe that anti-Semitism is merely a natural sociological, economic, cultural, or historical phenomenon. They have no idea about the real spiritual dynamics behind…

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What is Anti-Semitism?

Anti-Semitism is more than a mere human social, economic or political phenomena focused on the persecution or destruction of the Jewish people, it is a demonically inspired strategy to prevent the…

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