Most people, and far too many Christians, believe that anti-Semitism is merely a natural sociological, economic, cultural, or historical phenomenon. They have no idea about the real spiritual dynamics behind it.

Far too many Christians do not understand that any time they allow themselves to harbor any anti-Semitic thoughts and feelings they are allowing the spirit that is seeking to prevent the return of Jesus to influence their lives! When the Church acts speaks or even thinks in ways that are anti-Semitic or ‘Judeophobic,’ (i.e. a fear of Jewish people, Jewish things, or of Judaism), she is aligning herself with her own enemies and the enemies of the Lord Jesus Himself.

When the Church does not rise up in righteous indignation against Israel’s enemies and conduct herself with jealousy provoking love, mercy, and power toward the Jewish people, she is actually working to prevent the return of her own Lord. How many Christians would be shocked to read such a thing? Far too many, I think.