During his recent trip to the US March of Life founder Jobst Bittner had a series of meetings in Houston, TX that resulted in path-breaking changes for the March of Remembrance – the US-branch of the March of Life movement.

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What is new? 


  • Ted Pearce has stepped down as National Director of March of Remembrance. We are grateful to him for spreading the March of Remembrance in the USA as founder and multiplier. He remains connected to March of Remembrance as founder and ambassador.
  • Katlyn Witherspoon retires from her position as communicator. We are very grateful for her effort and dedication. She will continue to support March of Remembrance, especially locally but also nationally.
  • Claudia Kiesinger was appointed the new “National Coordinator”. She will support both the existing and new Marches of Remembrance from New York City and will be available to answer questions. 
  • She is supported by Rozalie Jerome as Director for Texas and Jack Flournoy as Director for California for the Marches of Remembrance. Further committed and proven March of Remembrance organizers will be appointed and commissioned as national directors. 
  • The name “March of Remembrance” officially gets a supplementary subtitle: “From Holocaust to New Life”. This is to indicate that remembrance shapes the future. 
  • TOS Ministries America Inc. will become the legal entity for the national March of Remembrance organization. If you want to support releasing Marches of Remembrance in the US, you can make your tax-deductable donation here
Jobst Bittner wrote concerning the urgency of the message of March of Remembrance in the US: “The events in Pittsburgh are a wake-up call: Don’t stop raising your voices! Call the churches! In every city and state we need Marches of Remembrance regularly on or around the Jewish Holocaust Remembrance Day Yom HaShoah between April 26 and May 12, 2019 as a corporate voice against antisemitism.” 


You can get in touch with Claudia Kiesinger the new national coordinator for March of Remembrance at claudia.kiesinger(at)