Karl Mooney was elected Mayor of the City of College Station in November, 2016, after serving on the City Council since 2011.

“Today, in the middle of the second decade of the 21st century, the City of College Station needs an experienced leader who has selfless determination and vision to lead the city as it faces unprecedented growth. The role of the mayor needs to be filled by someone who can bring people together by consistently sharing fact-based messages that focus on common goals. Throughout my tenures as a teacher, a professor, intercollegiate athletics administrator, a police officer, an electrical utilities worker, a realtor, restaurant wait staff and auditor/manager in the lodging industry, I have attended to the needs of those whom I served and with whom I worked by establishing a team atmosphere.”

Karl Mooney and his wife Laura are a members of Grace Bible Church.  Wherever he and his family lived, Mooney served a variety of roles in his community as a volunteer in many organizations including the Boy Scouts of America, his church, the Lions Club, his neighborhood homeowners’ association and the YMCA. He has three adult children and one grandson.