Perpetrators: Born or Made?

An elderly man who served as a guard in the Stutthof concentration camp during the final two years of World War II was convicted on July 23, 2020, for his crimes. As he was only seventeen when the offenses were committed, a juvenile court served as the venue for his trial this past week. Specifically, he was accused and convicted as an accessory to the murder of over five thousand people. When his involvement initially was questioned, the defendant had freely admitted to having served as an SS guard at this camp near his hometown. In testimony, he claimed that he had been compelled to these heinous actions and had had no other recourse.

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Hidden Heroes & Heroines

A dear friend who survived the Holocaust as a child, including the murder of both his parents, and labored diligently to build a new life outside his homeland is currently experiencing health challenges. Ironically, as he has grown weaker, the power of his work ethic, love of life, and determination to carve out a fresh legacy have risen to the surface. In remembering the Holocaust, we often associate the term hero with rescuers and liberators who defied all odds to assist those who were persecuted and tortured by the Nazis. Those individuals were certainly heroic, as it took obedience (in some cases to military commands) and tremendous personal courage to undertake the right course of action in defiance of the Nazi regime.

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Thanksgiving Meeting
Survivor Stories

Thanksgiving Meeting

Leon Gersten spent Thanksgiving with Czeslaw Polziec a few years ago. Polziec’s family secretly sheltered Gersten in rural Poland for two years during World War II, after the Nazis rounded…

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Emanuel Rund

Emanuel Rund, successful documentary filmmaker and producer, grew up as the son of German Jews in Israel. When he moved to Germany after completion of training, he noticed that there was in this country no remembrance for the victims of National Socialism–and grabbed the process of memory reprocessing in Germany under the arms. Johanna Strunge has spoken to us by Rund.

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Dr. Susanna Kokkonen

Dr. Susanna Kokkonen travels around the world speaking to Christian, Jewish and civic audiences about the Holocaust, Genocide, anti-Semitism and Israel today. She has lectured in the parliaments of Canada,…

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Dr. Cheryl Craig

Cheryl J. Craig is a Professor and the Houston Endowment Endowed Chair in Urban Education in the Department of Teaching, Learning and Culture in the College of Education and Human…

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Global Day of Action on Sukkot: Reconciliation, Not Hate!

On Sunday, October 4, people of many diverse backgrounds gathered at King’s Harbor, the Kingwood, Texas location for the Holocaust Garden of Hope, to celebrate Reconciliation Not Hate. We took a stand for Israel and Jewish Life by observing the biblical holiday of Sukkoth, or Feast of Tabernacles.

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