The article in this picture appeared recently in a national Croatian weekly news magazine. The Holocaust Garden of Hope has made international news! Here is a translation of the online summary (Editor’s note regarding the translation, there were approximately 600 guests at the opening, not 6):

“The Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, headed by Minister Goran Grlić Radman, kept silent, and the Croatian media did not notice, that the Croatian ambassador to the USA, Pjer Šimunović, was the main speaker at the opening of the “Garden of Hope dedicated to the victims of the Holocaust” on Sunday, November 5. in Houston, Texas, where, among other things, a memorial to the victims of the Ustasha death camp in Jasenovac was erected. Thus, the Croatian public was deprived of the valuable information that Ambassador Šimunović, on behalf of this year’s chairing country of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA), presented Croatia in Houston to about six guests at the opening of the “Garden of Hope” as a modern country of parliamentary democracy, founded on anti-fascism, anti-Nazism, tolerance, liberalism and freedom that has the courage and ability to face the darkest part of its past, the four-year period of the Independent State of Croatia.”