The Three Brothers Bakery’s story began in Chrzanow, Poland, in a building in which Napoleon had spent the night. We believe the bakery opened around 1825 and was last known as Morris Jucker’s Bakery. Two of Morris’ children, Sigmund and Sol, went to work at the bakery at only ten years old due to a bakers’ strike in 1932. The European Era of our family bakery ended when Sigmund and Sol were 19 years old and the family was sent to concentration camps in 1941.

On May 8, 1945, Sigmund arose early, so he could awaken everyone in the camp, which was one of his jobs. On this day, Liberation Day, he arose to find no SS officers watching or even in the camp. The SS fled in such a hurry and luckily had not even turned on the electrified fences. Sigmund found wire cutters and actually cut the wires on the gate, giving him and the other prisoners freedom. Sigmund was the first to take a breath of freedom outside the gate. He fell and literally kissed the ground.

He was fortunate enough to have survived with his two brothers and their older sister. On May 8, 1949, Sigmund, his twin brother, Sol, and younger brother Max, opened Three Brothers Bakery on Holman Street in Houston, Texas.

Around the year 2000, Bobby, Sigmund’s eldest and 5th generation baker, took over the bakery and in 2005, his wife, Janice, joined him. Since then, we have created a second generation of history in America, noted by store openings, disasters and accolades.