“America is living under a veil of shame and silence!

Shame and silence destroys a nation and brings it to ruin. When the people of God arise and break the silence, God’s light will break forth in a new way, powerfully changing America and producing new life. But how can this happen?

There are still 175,000 Holocaust survivors in the United States. Until today, both they and their descendants are still living under the shadow of the Holocaust. Every one of them is a living testimony of what it means for a nations to be caught under a veil of shame and silence. Remembering together with them and honoring them touches the heart of God. Hearing their stories teaches us for the future. Standing with them in steadfast friendship to Israel and taking a stand against anti-Jewish attitudes, the down-playing of the Holocaust, and modern anti-Semitism opens the floodgates of Heaven’s blessings.

Statistics say that 15% of the American population harbor anti-Semitic attitudes. A high percentage thinks that Israel’s crisis is self-inflicted. National socialist associations, Muslim brotherhoods and secular humanistic mindsets create an anti-Israeli picture.

Let us overcome our shame with the March of Life, and as churches and congregations in the spirit of the Sons of Zion, let us manifest the promise found in Isaiah 60:1 over America: “Arise – and shine!”

During the past few years, the March of Life movement has mobilized and set into motion tens of thousands in their confession to stand with Israel in more than ten nations. If the church in Germany had taken to the streets during the Nazi era, Auschwitz would not have happened. If they had broken their silence and overcome their shame, the Holocaust would not have been possible.

Come, it is time for the “March of Remembrance”, so the veil of shame and silence can be broken over America, the nation can be changed and the floodgates of Heaven will be opened again.”

Pastor Jobst Bittner
TOS Ministry,
Tübingen, Germany