1.5 million stones are being painted by volunteers from corporations, schools, clubs, nursing homes, etc. throughout Texas and beyond for the Holocaust Garden of Hope Upstander Stone Project.

Anyone can contact staff at the Holocaust Remembrance Association (HRA18) to get one or many sacks of 20 stones, with paint, markers and a list of 20 names of children who perished in the Holocaust and who are being memorialized in this unique way. There will be many spots in the Holocaust Garden of Hope where visitors can view the stones and begin to understand the huge number of innocent lives lost.

According to Habakkuk 2:11 (CJB), “the very stones will cry out.”

May even the stones resound with cries of “Reconciliation, Not Hate!”

A word about our Master Stone Artist

Susan Debose Peitzman holds a Master of Fine Arts degree in studio art from Sam Houston State University (SHSU).  She led the creation of the Holocaust Garden of Hope conceptual art exhibits and also developed the initial art and material processes for the Upstander Stone Project.  She retired from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) in 2016.

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