I hope you are having a great start to 2013!

Since our last update, we have had much progress in the formation of the 2013 March of Remembrance Houston.  We are still finalizing details for a couple of the march locations; however, we have commitments for five out of the seven locations!  Isn’t that awesome?

New Web Site

Another step forward made over the holidays is the official March of Remembrance Houston web site was launched.   www.holocaustremembranceassociation.org.

We registered the domain name last year; however, since we had such a short time frame to plan, we just directed it to the March Facebook page and focused solely on planning and promoting the March.

The new site will be the central source of information for all seven marches.  Each location (NorthwestNorth,NortheastSoutheastSouthSouthwest, and Central) will have its own section with information and updates for that specific march.  Registration for the marches will also be available online.  Besides that, there is an administration area where satellite march coordinators can track registration information and communicate with volunteers.

We will be updating the site as we finalize the details for each location.  The information and registration pages should be available for the Northeast location next week.

In addition to information on the marches, we will also be posting articles educating on the Holocaust as well as highlighting current events so that we are all aware and better able to recognize the signs.

Danish Rescue Boat Conservation Breakfast

The Houston Holocaust Museum is hosting a breakfast on Friday, January 18th spotlighting the Danish rescue boat and the ongoing conservation efforts.  To read more about the rescue boats and the role they played in the Danish rescue efforts during the Holocaust, you canread this brief article on the March of Remembrance Houston web site.  Register for the breakfast online at the Houston Holocaust Museum web site.

How You Can Make the March of Remembrance Houston Happen

The 2012 March of Remembrance Houston was a success because many came together, sharing their gifts, time, and resources to make it happen.  We know that no one person or organization can do this alone and that we need that same community effort for the Houston marches to not only be a success, but a witness to the world.

(Read the article on the U.S. Holocaust Museum web site regarding the Danish rescue boats about the impact that the people taking a stand had on the treatment of the Danish Jews.  As I mentioned in the last update, individuals taking a stand makes a difference, just as it did last month in Hungary.)

Today, we need two things:

First, we need your help in spreading awareness about the March.  Please forward this email, share the Facebook page, and link to the web site.  Share it with your friends.  Talk about the March to your friends at your church.  Help us spread the word.

Second, we need donations to make the vision a reality.  Last year people partnered in bringing the march to life in different ways.  Some donated their time.  Some donated their voice.  Many, many partnered by being a visible witness and marched with us.   But before we had a march for people to come to, there were people who donated financially to create the event for people to come to.

That is what we are looking for today, financial donors to seed into the march and lay the foundation.

If the March in Houston is on your heart and you want to be part of making it happen, you can donate online today.

donate to the March of Remembrance Houston

Donations for the March of Remembrance Houston are being administered by Hineni Ministries, a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to supporting Judeo-Christian events such as these.

Carla Alvarez
Marketing Director
March of Remembrance Houston