I wanted to give a testimony about what happened to me today. I am the head coordinator of the North MORH 2013.

After speaking with Jeff a couple of days ago about things we needed and finding out that the funds were not delegated just yet, I was anxious to keep moving forward. I helped last year and had the experience of the march and all the details to make it a march to remember.

One of those instrumental resources we had to make the holocaust a memorial to those who participated in the walk was the information on the poster boards about the heroes that helped the  Jews escape those persecuting them.

So I definitely wanted those posters but didn’t, as of yet, have the funds to get them. I needed a number to pray for so I stopped by a sign place and picked out which poster sizes I wanted, with stands. The price was a total of about $500 for all.


I left and began to pray for God to move so I could get these posters. Today a man walked up to me and handed me a white envelope and said God laid it on his heart to give it to me, I thanked him, he left and I looked inside the envelope.

It was $537! WOW! I was so excited!

This is a clear message to me and I hope to you as well about how pleased our Father in Heaven is with this march.

I can’t wait to see what He’s going to do on April the 6th as we engage the enemy of persecution and hatred of our Jewish brothers and  sisters, and allow for healing of a generational curse for the children of those Nazis who persecuted them. When you have God’s favor, don’t hesitate to ask Him for the best of what is needed.

Praises to The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob!!

Thurman Gustin
March of Remembrance Houston – North Coordinator