Susan Myers

Susan Myers is president of the Association of Holocaust Organizations (AHO). Before that, she worked in various capacities at the Holocaust Museum Houston for more than 10 years and has studied the Holocaust with historians in Poland, Israel and the United States, subsequent to a teaching career, for which she received numerous honors in her field.

She has received recognition from the White House for her work on reconciling and remembering genocide in Rwanda.

When she was executive director of the Holocaust Museum Houston, she developed several outreach programs, including an educational “trunk” program, created in 1998, that circulates trunks of teaching materials on the Holocaust to schools throughout the states. She also launched a hate crimes program, in collaboration with the Houston Police Department, in 2000.

Myers directed several workshops every year on behalf of the museum and personally oversaw the development of activities for educators and students to broaden their knowledge of the Holocaust. She is a graduate of Sam Houston State University, with a master’s degree in administration from Texas A&M University.

Myers was the recipient of the Ina and Jack Polak Outstanding Educator Award given by the Anne Frank Center USA during the center’s “Anne Frank’s 75th Birthday Tribute” in New York City, for her efforts in heading what the center called “one of the most respected Holocaust museums in the nation.”