Appointed as Chairman of the Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission in November 2009, Mr. Berkowitz also serves as Chairman of the Friends of the Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission 501(c)(3).  He is currently a trustee of the Executive Corps of Houston, serving the organizational needs of the nonprofit community.

As former Chairman (2005-2007) of Holocaust Museum Houston, he helped expand museum programs that serve the public interest with greater understanding of genocides; core exhibits including an authentic German railcar and Danish rescue boat; and diversity of the Board of Directors.  During his term, the museum also hosted the internationally recognized Medical Ethics conference based on experiences derived from the Holocaust.

Prior to retirement in 2001, Mr. Berkowitz was President and CEO of GE Continental Controls Inc.  He then worked with Temple University to review National Science Foundation (NSF) scholarship programs, acted as an advisor to the NSF, and visited several university campuses to interview the schools’  chancellors, science and engineering department heads, educators, and students.  His recommendations to the NSF were critical in administering $220 million in grants and scholarships. Charlotte is now on the Commission as well.