Faith Lift in Baytown

I was so blessed to hear people calling out their home church’s name. I heard people call out the names of at least 4 Baptist, 3 Catholic, I Episcopalian, 1 Jewish, I Lutheran, 3 Methodist, 1 Presbyterian and 1 Church on the Rock. After the Steinfeld’s testimonies I was slated to give a Christian Response. It’s not often that this preacher is at a loss for words.

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In the Steps of Issachar

As Christians we find that instructions and truths given in the New Testament always parallel and restate what was given in the Old.  One example of this are the gifts…

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Celebrating Purim

On Thursday, February 21st, we held a Leaders' VIP Dinner as an official kick-off to the 2013 March of Remembrance Houston breaking the Fast of Esther together.  This evening marks…

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