Claudia Kiesinger is a relative of former German chancellor Kiesinger, who successfully concealed his top Nazi-career after the war. Her paternal grandfather was an ardent Nazi and follower of Adolf Hitler. This enthusiasm and example remained with him even after the end of the war.

Out of a growing desire to know more about this dark cloud that hung over her family’s past, Claudia took part in the first March of Life, a memorial march at historic locations of the Holocaust,in 2007. Three hundred fifty participants from 14 nations walked over 200 miles from Bisingen, a concentration camp near Tuebingen in southwest Germany, to Dachau,in upper Bavaria. The route recreated the final death-march of the Jews imprisoned in those camps. At the end of the war, the Jews were led to their deaths, starving and cold, in a final desperate effort by the Nazis to hide the human evidence of their evil deeds. The march made Claudia’s connection to the Holocaust into a personal commitment.

Claudia lives in New York City where she organizes prayer groups at the United Nations to pray for the sake of Israel.