Heal our Land
Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel marching with other civil rights leaders from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama, on March 21, 1965. From far left: John Lewis, an unidentified nun, Ralph Abernathy, Martin Luther King, Jr., Ralph Bunche, Abraham Joshua Heschel, Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth.

Heal our Land

The Holocaust Remembrance Association (HRA18) was established by descendants of Holocaust survivors to sensitize hearts to the issues of the Holocaust and facilitate education, healing, and reconciliation. Holocaust survivors and their families came to the United States with nothing. They welcomed the opportunity to start a new life in a country with a just government and a Constitution that protected their personal freedoms.

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Holocaust Remembrance Association

The HRA is a newly-formed tax-exempt, non-profit educational organization established to sensitize people to the issues of the Holocaust and facilitate healing, reconciliation, and education.  The ultimate goal is to…

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