March of Remembrance, March of Life, March of the Living, World Jewish Congress & Helping Hand Coalition combine for the March of the Nations up to Jerusalem for Israel’s 70th…

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March of Remembrance expands to 60+ cities, with Houston holding marches in 7 suburbs. Pastor Jobst Bittner’s book, “Breaking the Veil of Silence” is released in German, English and Polish.

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March of Remembrance expands to 52 cities. March of Life holds a national campaign that covers Poland, visiting every major death camp. The first March of Remembrance Houston, hosted by…

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March of Remembrance expands to 45 cities in the United States, The Philippines, Paraguay, Bolivia, Argentina and Peru. March of Life networks churches of Lithuania for a national campaign held…

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March of Remembrance is held in front of Congress and in 25 cities of the United States. March of Life unites more than 300 churches to pray in 18 cities…

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Thousands of Germans take to the streets from Buchenwald to Berlin, in a national campaign of standing with Israel in the former East German Republic.

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March of Life goes across Germany from Bisingen to Dachau with 300 descendants of Nazis; Holocaust survivors leading the way.

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