Educators - make plans now to get Upstander Stones in your school for
Holocaust Remembrance Week!

To educate students about the Holocaust and inspire in students a sense of responsibility to recognize and uphold human value and to prevent future atrocities, the governor shall designate a week to be known as Holocaust Remembrance Week in public schools. Instruction shall include... (2) participation, in person or using technology, in learning projects about the Holocaust...
From State of Texas Education Code
Section 29.9072
"As an elementary school educator, I have involved my students in painting memorial stones (commemorating children who perished in the Holocaust) for the Upstander Stone Project sponsored by the Holocaust Garden of Hope. The project has generated the children’s interest and sparked curiosity about the lives of those children who didn’t survive the Holocaust."
Teacher in Humble ISD

In addition to stones, paint and directions, each Upstander Stone kit includes educational materials developed by the Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission (THGC),Yad Vashem – The World Holocaust Remembrance Center, and the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

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