Faith Lift in Baytown

I was so blessed to hear people calling out their home church’s name. I heard people call out the names of at least 4 Baptist, 3 Catholic, I Episcopalian, 1 Jewish, I Lutheran, 3 Methodist, 1 Presbyterian and 1 Church on the Rock. After the Steinfeld’s testimonies I was slated to give a Christian Response. It’s not often that this preacher is at a loss for words.

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Holocaust Survivor Forgives, and Remembers
Left to Right: Pastor Woody Woodward, Tracie Woodward, Ruth Steinfeld, Hugh Saye, Larry Steinfeld, Alex Pollak, Bob Roush

Holocaust Survivor Forgives, and Remembers

Kingwood, TX - On a Sunday morning at Kingwood Bible Church, Holocaust survivors Ruth and Larry Steinfeld shared their remarkable stories of escaping death in Nazi Germany. Their stories of…

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A Re-awakening

Like so many people, I had become apathetic about the Holocaust. But, going and hearing the powerful stories caused a re-awakening in me. The Holocaust is one of the most…

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Testimony: God is Faithful

I wanted to give a testimony about what happened to me today. I am the head coordinator of the North MORH 2013. After speaking with Jeff a couple of days…

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