April 2024

The Holocaust Remembrance Association exists to remember, reconcile, and take a stand against antisemitism in all its forms.

This is out view on the current situation:


On October 7, 2023, a horrific surprise attack was launched by the terrorist organization Hamas against innocent Israeli civilians. As photos, videos and testimonies emerged of the attack, it became clear that brutal violence and murder, desecration of bodies and violence specifically targeted against women, had been planned ahead of time. The murderous plan was executed accordingly.

In one day, app. 1400 Israelis were murdered; other 250 Israelis were kidnapped and forced into Gaza. Among the kidnapped are elderly, even Holocaust survivors and small children, even babies.

As a result of this, Israel launched its defensive action against Hamas.


By April 2024, news has been dominated by the situation in Gaza for about six months. Focus has shifted from October 7 attack on Gazan civilians denying the responsibility Hamas bears for their fate.

Hamas not only hides among civilians but also prevents them from moving to safety. Hamas has hidden weapons in hospitals as well as stolen food and crucial supplies meant for civilians. Few brave Gazans have spoken out against Hamas in this regard. There is aid entering Gaza whereas the reasons for aid not reaching civilians are not always reported. Similarly, the figures for civilian casualties given by Hamas are not scrutinized to the full extent.

In this already complicated situation, Israel was attacked by Iran on April 13. In total, the Iranian attack comprised 170 drones, 30 cruise missiles and 120 ballistic missiles. The Iranian attack, we note, was preceded by years of Holocaust denial and aggressive genocidal rhetoric by Iran’s leaders.

Much of the world is now warning Israel about a counterstrike. This matter is open at the time of writing this statement.


Antisemitic mass-demonstrations against Israel are continuing all over the world. In Europe even police-officers have been attacked in these. In the USA, in many college campuses Jewish students are afraid to attend classes. Hostility is such that many refrain from wearing any Jewish symbols in public.

The Holocaust Remembrance Association encourages churches to take a clear stand for Israel’s right to defend itself. Neutrality when faced with evil is unthinkable: 1. because of our shared faith in the God of the Bible and therefore our shared destiny; 2. because of Israel’s unique position as a Western ally and democracy in the Middle East.


The Holocaust Remembrance Association suggests concrete actions:

  1. That everyone gently correct misinformation where it appears. This is not a time to be ignorant or idle.
  2. That everyone participates in our and other groups’ activities in the fight against antisemitism.
  3. That everyone helps us share news about Israel, the Holocaust and antisemitism and reach new audiences to our message.

4.This Pesach is an occasion to discuss the kidnapped Israelis and make appeals on their behalf in prayer and publicly.

Most of all, as is the Biblical commandment, we urge everyone to Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.