Choose a fitting and enduring way to celebrate and honor your loved ones

Stones are a meaningful and traditional way in the Jewish faith to honor and acknowledge the true eternity of a person's existence. These stones will be placed in the Holocaust Garden of Hope, the bricks and pavers will be part of the enduring paths in the Garden.

Personalize the stones, bricks and pavers as you like, below.

Design the content of your certificate below and we will mail it to you or anyone you designate.


Here are some certificate wording ideas, please put your final choice in the Certificate Message box, below.

Certificate Type:

  • In Honor of
  • In Memory of
  • In Celebration of
  • In Recognition of


  • By
  • Love
  • May this serve as a living tribute to his/her memory
  • Planted by

Closing (cont’d):

  • Planted with love by
  • With heartfelt sympathy
  • With our deepest sympathy
  • With sincere condolences
  • With gratitude
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