UPDATE! This event has been postponed!

Due to the current situation in Israel, the March of Nations Tour has to be postponed to June 2-3, 2021.On the occasion of Israel Independence Day March of Life founder Jobst Bittner and International March of Life Director Heinz Reuss spoke with guests from Israel about the current events in Israel. Click here to watch the programs and to learn more.

In these challenging days let us stand in prayer for Israel.

Online March of the Nations Tour 2021

Join March of Life director Igal Even Ziv and ADI/March of Life volunteers Leo Ebe, Anna-Suzette Pfeiffer and Shauna Wither on a very special road trip through Israel. They are going to meet friends and city officials throughout the country. Join them live – starting in the South and going up north on the occasion of the International Day of Independence in Israel!