March of Life founder.

 Jobst and Charlotte are the visionary leaders and face of the March of Life worldwide. Pastor Bittner is Senior Pastor of TOS, a non-denominational Charismatic church and ministry founded by Jobst and Charlotte in Tübingen, Germany 1987.

Since 1997 international branches have been planted in nine nations through prayer ministries, establishing children´s homes throughout Latin America, and centers for drug rehabilitation in Eastern Europe.

Next to this apostolic pioneer ministry, Jobst Bittner is also a speaker at conferences in Europe, Latin America and the United States. Prayer and repentance concerning Germany´s Nazi history has always been on the agenda of TOS Ministries. During recent years however, a special relationship with Israel, the Jewish Community and  Messianic congregations has developed through many personal friendships, conferences and events like the “March of Life”. Jobst and Charlotte Bittner believe that recognizing and honoring the Hebrew roots of the church is the key for revival. Go to to find out more.