People in the Houston area will have an opportunity to participate in an important act of remembering, reconciling, and taking a stand against prejudice and indifference by joining in the March of Remembrance on April 22 in Kingwood and April 23 in Braeswood- Meyerland. This march is a united effort between Christians and Jews to help heal the hurts caused by the atrocities of the Holocaust.
          The March of Remembrance coincides with commemoration ceremonies for Yom HaShoah in honor of the memory of the Holocaust. Our country still has 175,000 survivors and they and their descendants will forever be affected by the long arm of the Holocaust. These people are witnesses to what can happen when good people keep silent in the face of evil. Standing with them in true friendship to them and Israel will help combat anti-Semitic attitudes and help restore unity in the family of God.
          This event brings together Holocaust survivors and their descendants, remaining NAZI’s and their descendants, and liberators and their descendants as well as rescuers and their descendants and anyone who is interested in restoring the walls that have been torn down. It is time for us as Americans to join in with the tens of thousands of people throughout the world to take a stand for righteousness and show our support for Israel.
          Keynote speaker for the Kingwood event on April 22 will be Dr. Zsuzanna Ozsvath, a child survivor from Hungary. She remembers the fear that welled up in her when she heard that her beloved Hungary was under siege by NAZIs.  “I begged my parents for our family to commit suicide, because I heard the word gas chamber,” she recalled. “I imagined it was a place like a kitchen where you turn on the gas burners and breathe in. I didn’t realize it was much worse. I just knew I didn’t want to live without my parents, and I didn’t know if we would be separated.”  She is now a professor at the University of Texas in Dallas for History and literature as well as being the head of Holocaust studies.
          The main speaker for the Braeswood-Meyerland at the April 23rd event will be child survivor Rosian Zerner, originally from Lithuania.Zerner recalls the terrors of the escape. “I was hidden in homes, attics, barns and woods, an orphanage. I was baptized,” she said. “Sometimes I was ready to stop running, but my will to live was greater.
          The Saturday event in Kingwood takes place from 1pm to 4:30 pm, with the walk taking place from Westbury Baptist Church and ending up at Congregation Beth Israel. The Sunday event in Houston begins at 12 noon and ends at 4:30, followed by the citywide Yom HaShoah commemoration.
          The public is encouraged to join in and show their support by participating in the March of Remembrance. For further information, contact Rozalie Jerome 832-287-5057.