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Two days ago the tall building of the Israeli Television First Channel was torn down, amid a big party, music and speeches. Back in 1968 I was elected to be on the founding team of the 1st TV station of Israel. I worked both in the Hebrew and the Arabic departments filming news documentaries. Beautiful times: I filmed PM Golda Meir in her “Kitchen Cabinet”, Moshe Dayan by the Alenby Bridge over the Jordan River, Jordanian border. We filmed 3 weeks in African countries escorting Foreign Minister Abba Eban meeting the rulers H. Selasie, J. Kenyata, etc.  Years later I produced Israeli TV in NYC. As I got to teach at NYU, Columbia and School of Visual Arts film departments, people wondered what elite film school I attended? It was 3 months crash course at the Israeli Television in Jerusalem and I got even paid my salary for that, I answered.  This building was the beginning of my career producing over 250 films and TV shows globally and reaching the Oscars, film festivals, prizes,  hundreds of screenings and lectures in English, Hebrew and German. I wasn’t sad to see the bugger rip appart the tall building making room for housing units, new lives. I enjoyed the party, met lovely young people who learned from me, an eyewitness who made some Israeli history half a century ago.

Emanuel Rund is a director and writer, known for Alle Juden raus! (1991), Stationen (1985) and The Last Train (2006).He is the son of Holocaust survivors from Germany and grew up in Jerusalem. He has lived in the United States Germany and has now returned back to Israel. He is one of our Israel update correspondence for the HRA18.