The weight of the Holocaust’s painful legacy compels us to take action and become an Upstander against antisemitism and other injustices in our world. In order to fight for a better future, we must first understand the past. This is why HRA18’s mission to educate and sensitize people to the lessons and issues of the Holocaust is of vital importance.

Get involved now by joining our movement. Whatever action you take, big or small, will help ensure that the horrors leading to the Holocaust will never happen again.

Participate in Events

Show your support for the Jewish people by joining us at HRA18 events. Together we will honor victims and survivors of the Holocaust and stand up for the dignity and safety of the Jewish people in a world still drenched in antisemitism.

Fight Antisemitism

Learn more about ways you can join HRA18 in fighting antisemitism. The future can only be protected from this ancient hatred by understanding how it grew and spread in the past. You’ll also be inspired by stories of Upstanders who have already made an impact.

Remember the Holocaust

Sensitizing hearts and minds to the issues of the Holocaust requires educating young people before antisemitic myths or prejudices take root in them. One tangible way to accomplish this is by giving the next generation a physical representation of how many innocent lives were lost in the Holocaust.

Participate in a March

Holocaust denial is surging around the world, and it is more important than ever to make bold public statement to our neighbors by joining a March of Remembrance. We can honor Holocaust survivors and push back against antisemitism by remembering, reconciling, and taking a stand together.

Help a Holocaust Survivor

Many elderly Holocaust survivors need financial support for a variety of expenses. You can greatly impact their quality of life by providing a one-time or monthly donation to help alleviate their financial burdens. Our administrative costs are covered through private donors, so you can be sure that 100% of your donation will go directly to a Holocaust survivor in need.