Garden Naming Rights

If you are passionate about educating others regarding the urgency of understanding the consequences of persecution, prejudice, and indifference toward others, you may wish to leave a legacy with your family’s name added to the Holocaust Garden of Hope. 

This option will feature your name on the most prominent structure in the Garden. The gate itself is a historic replica of the women and children’s entry gate to Jasenovac, the notorious Auschwitz of the Balkans where our founding visionary’s father was murdered. The gate structure is brick with internal structural reinforcement. In addition to the brick gate, there is an inset steel lattice that will hold ceramic photographs of some of the entrances to known concentration camps. Images of rescuers will be displayed on the reverse sides of those ceramic pieces. Adjacent to the gate will be left and right lattice wing structures, which will hold a number of photographs (on glass) of children prior to the Holocaust. (The actual lattice wing structures on either side of the gate, apart from the photos themselves, are being donated by a local welding company.) The plans also include a section of authentic German railroad track that is to be installed in the pathway through the gate opening. As with each of the exhibits and other key HGOH elements, this gift includes the physical outdoor elements, requisite lighting, associated online curriculum, and physical traveling exhibit content. (Your name could be could be engraved on the large brick entrance gate of the property, acknowledged on all eight traveling exhibits, and printed on all marketing materials.) the traveling exhibits will be going to universities throughout Texas and beyond.

$1,000,000: 1-year plan is one lump sum, or $83,334 per month
3-year plan is $333,334 per year, or $27,778 per month
5-year plan is $200,000 per year, or $16,667 per month

For inquiries, please call Rozalie Jerome at (832) 287-5057.