Named Elements

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Garden Naming Rights

If you are passionate about educating others regarding the urgency of understanding the consequences of persecution, prejudice, and indifference toward

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Founders’ Court

German railroad tracks embedded in the ground guide visitors through the gate into the Founders’ Court. Pavers and bricks commemorate loved ones and bear the names of founding members of the Holocaust Garden of Hope.

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The Eight Pocket Exhibits

In each of the 8 exhibits, aspects of the Holocaust teaching triangle will be featured:  testimonies of perpetrators, victims, bystanders, rescuers, liberators (or their descendants).

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Exhibit #6 – The Rescuers

The Rescuers Rescuers and upstanders will be honored in this pocket.   Stories will be featured on particular individuals (consuls, military personnel, and/or civilians) who risked

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Traveling Exhibit

The traveling exhibits will allow the content displayed on the educational panels of the eight pocket exhibits to be made available far beyond the physical site of the Holocaust Garden of Hope in northeast Houston.  Public schools, institutions of higher education, museums, and community groups all over the nation who are interested in educating their circles of influence about the issues

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