The Web of Deception: Politics and Propaganda

The concept here would be to trace the evolution of the propaganda carefully orchestrated to prejudice people against certain people groups, to arouse suspicion of those groups’ motives and worth, and to engender feelings of pride and superiority in the Aryan race.  It might be useful to feature material on the German Christian movement (i.e., the pro-Nazi church association) to illustrate how the Nazi philosophy penetrated the German Lutheran Church.  Is there a pattern of increasing flagrancy with the type of words used?  Are there any statistics available that illustrate increasing public support for the Nazi agenda?  How significant is the government’s role in solidifying citizens against a people group/people groups? (We may not be able to quantify the answers to these questions, be the questions need to be raised.)

Content:  collage on ceramic of newspaper images and headlines on a glass art panel display (4 large sections), plus plantings, a bench, and key educational info with QR code link to additional material on website

“Those also who seek my life lay snares for me; those who seek my hurt speak of destruction and plan deception all the day long.”  Psalm 38:12

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