Growing Beauty for Ashes

“This is an opportunity for the next generation to remember and keep vigilant.”


As an Aleph Champion , this year, we invite you to partner with other community friends and leaders to help underwrite the Holocaust Garden of Remembrance . Considering the present rise of worldwide anti-Semitism and the urgent need to honor and remember Holocaust survivors ,WW2 veterans, upstanders and their families in a public garden and  while they are still among us, your partnership serves as a tribute to “The Greatest Generation,” that they may know that their sufferings were not in vain. Thank you for choosing to Champion this cause in a tangible way.

The key event for the Holocaust Garden of Remembrance is the annual March of Remembrance Houston, held each spring in conjunction with Holocaust Remembrance Day.  The March of Remembrance is spearheaded by local leaders in a host community, yet this event also attracts a wide variety of collaborators and attendees from all segments of society ­ from educational and medical institutions, local government, businesses, and military families to churches and synagogues, the arts, consulates, and the media. 

 This is an opportunity to partner with the Holocaust Garden of Remembrance.  Ten percent of  donations to the Garden will be passed on to benefit the March of Remembrance  unless otherwise  requested. Both organizations are tax-exempt under The Crossover  Project EIN #32-0222534. 


   Rescuer $10,000plus, or $835 per month

                   Liberator $5,000 plus, or $420 per month

                   Defender $2,500 plus, or $210 per month

                         Pillar  $1,800 plus, or $150 per month


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