The Nazi campaign was a vile machine fueled by deception, and the efficiency with which they drove men into bondage is both undeniable and surreal. It was a farce from the beginning that was engineered to operate on the vulnerabilities of mankind. Hitler and his henchmen found their power in the manipulation of words to gain the people’s trust. They convinced Jews and “Aryans” alike that theirs were merely “working camps” and the words “Work will make you free” (Arbeit macht frei) served as the first introduction the Jews would have to the camps. In the camps, most who were selected for “disinfection” were sent to the gas chambers. In the ghettoes, Himmler built a “kindergarten” where the Jewish children of parents who were in forced labor were supposed to play, eat & drink, and wait for their parents. How could these parents know that when they returned, their children would be gone and driven off to concentration camps? These are a few of the innumerable Nazi lies that drove millions of Jews to despair. These are the same lies that fueled passionate hate in Germans, Polish, Hungarians, etc. against the Jews and convinced them of the “Jewish Problem.” It is this deceit that drove fear into “Aryan” neighbors that they did not move to save their Jewish neighbors. This is the treachery that brought a veil of silence over the masses, institutions, and even the Church to not speak against the evil atrocities of the Nazis. However, lies are only possible when there are those who believe them.