Righteous Among the Nations

Elisabeth Abegg

a history teacher at the Luisen Mädchenschule, a fashionable Berlin girls’ school. “Survivors who had been saved by Elisabeth Abegg dedicated a mimeographed collection of memoirs to her, entitled “When One Light Pierced the Darkness”.”

Gertrud Luckner

organized a special “Office for Religious War Relief ” (Kirchliche Kriegshilfsstelle) within the Catholic Caritas Association, helping racially persecuted “non-Aryans,” which included both Jews and Christians. “After the war, Luckner devoted herself to the cause of building bridges of understanding between Jews and Christians.”

Paul Grueninger

a Swiss border police commander who permitted the illegal entry of 3,600 Jews into Switzerland and falsifying their registration papers. “In 1954, Paul Grueninger explained his motives: "It was basically a question of saving human lives threatened with death. How could I then seriously consider bureaucratic schemes and calculations?"

Anna Igumnova

PhD in Chemistry, who found lodging and food for her Jewish friend and daughter until the end of the war.

Klara Baić

a pious Christian and single mother who agreed to take the two Jewish boys into her home. “Klara shared everything with us and did everything to save us.” ~ Mirko Denburg (Mirko changed his name to Michael Danber after moving to the U.S.)

Suzanne Spaak

wife of a filmmaker, mother of 2 children, and the daughter of a famous Belgian banker, who was accustomed to a high standard of living. “Spaak belonged to those idealists who jettison their private lives, personal wishes, and material concerns as soon as a great ideal enters their hearts.” ~ B. Aronson, a co-member of the underground National Movement Against Racism

Lois Gunden

a 26-yr old American French teacher from Goshen, Indiana. “Lois Gunden was kind and passionately determined to take me and these other Jewish children out of the Rivesaltes camp to protect them from harm.”