Signing the Scholarship Agreement
Giovanni, Christine Ege,Rozalie Jerome, Bob Horowitz, Dr.Hildegard Glass, Dr. Mark Goldberg Ready to promote this wonderful scholarship for University of Houston students!

Leizer & Rose Horowitz Scholarship Program

This educational initiative has been re-structured.  A total of ten scholarships are now administered by five local universities and colleges in Houston, with two additional awards available to students at a local private high school as well.  This change (from an in-house scholarship administration process at The Crossover) will ensure long-term stability, consistency, and accountability for this wonderful opportunity for students in our area. 

Currently, scholarships are available at Houston Baptist University, the University of St. Thomas, University of Houston, Houston Community College, and Lone Star College.  The Holocaust Remembrance Association is pleased to collaborate with Houston-based educational institutions to afford students an opportunity to experience the March of Remembrance, a unique primary source learning opportunity!

These scholarships have been established in memory of Holocaust survivors Leizer & Rose Horowitz by their son, Bob Horowitz. Click here to read more about them.

HRA Nathaniel Foundation Scholarship Program

In addition, for the first time, eight $500 scholarships are available at Southern Methodist University for 2020.   We are grateful for partnerships that focus on raising awareness of Holocaust issues in the younger generation!