The Holocaust Remembrance Association was established to manage multiple educational projects that had continued to expand over the course of the past several years. 

The March of Remembrance Houston, which began with one event in 2012, has grown into the March of Remembrance Texas, which promotes annual marches that provide opportunity for individuals to remember, reconcile, and take a stand against persecution, prejudice, and indifference.  

Meanwhile, the Holocaust Garden of Hope is in the final stages of the permitting process with the City of Houston; it will be developed as an educational site focused on the experiences of children during the Holocaust.  Essentially an outdoor museum adjacent to a family-friendly restaurant complex, the stories of survivors, perpetrators, liberators, and rescuers will be told in ways children and young families can process.  In addition, scholarships have been established at multiple Houston-area institutions of higher education to encourage and promote personal interaction with the issues of the Holocaust.  

Consequently, the Holocaust Remembrance Association arose out of a desire to facilitate education, reconciliation, and healing in the hearts of those who read or listen to primary sources of history.