Proselytizing, Political Action, Publicity Stunts


While the March was started and is led by Christians, partnership and attendance from the Jewish community is essential. The March is not a time of proselytizing to the Jewish people. It is an opportunity for Christians to demonstrate solidarity with the Jewish community in this time of rising anti-Semitism. Tracts and altar calls for salvation are NOT part of a March of Remembrance event. 

Political action

The march is not a political statement or rally. Although there are divergent views within the respective communities of faith regarding politics, we come in agreement that the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is faithful and keeps His promises (Psalm 136). We stand in support of the Jewish people and stand against anti-Semitism. Signs or clothing that are aggressive toward any group of people are not in the spirit of this march and will not be allowed.

Publicity Stunts

The purpose of the March is to honor the survivors of the Holocaust. It is not a platform for publicity to promote an agenda by any person or organization. This is God’s event, and it is for His honor and glory. The coopting of that by other parties will not be allowed.